Illinois City Approves Use of Marijuana Taxes to Fund Reparation Programs

An Illinois city approved the use of recreational marijuana. Now they want to use taxes from sales to establish a local reparations program.

Taxes from the sales of recreational marijuana will go toward job training and over benefits for the black population of Evanston, according to the Pioneer Press.

“We can implement funding to directly invest in black Evanston,” said Ald. Robin Rue Simmons, the person who proposed the bill.

Simmons claims this is appropriate due to the "war on drugs" that led to the increased incarcerations among African-Americans, particularly for offenses related to marijuana.

The city voted 8-1 to approve the new law. The black population in the city has dropped from 22.5% to under 17% between 2000 and 2017.

Not only will this pay people back for being arrested for selling marijuana, which was illegal at the time, but it will also pay them back for slavery, which they weren't even alive for.

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