Islamic Extremists Massacred Over 500 Christians This Summer in Ethiopia

While Black Lives Matter activists are tearing down businesses in the United States over the death of thugs and criminals, more than 500 Christians have been murdered in door-to-door attacks by Muslim extremists in Ethiopia since June.

Where are BLM protestors now?? Black people are being massacred but they don't care one bit! Why not? It doesn't fit their agenda.

Elizabeth Johnston reports:

According to a Persecution of Christians report published last week, the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church urged the government of the East African nation to put a stop to the attacks on Christian homes and churches.

The persecution watchdog organization reported that the Qeerroo, a group of young Oromo Islamist radicals, were responsible for the murders of pregnant women, children, and entire families in the Oromia regional state, home to the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.

Over the summer, the Qeerroo roamed the region armed to the teeth with guns, machetes, swords, and spears, The Barnabas Fund reported earlier this month.

“Local witnesses said that police stood by and watched as the murders unfolded,” the organization said. “However, contacts reported that, in Bale Agarfa, some Christians were saved by the intervention of courageous local Muslims who risked their own lives to protect them.”

“These were the most horrific days for Christians in the Oromo region,” reported the Serbian Orthodox Church in July. “There are different factions in the region. Some are ethno-nationalist and others are religious. The majority of those who got killed in a brutal way (beheaded and mutilated) are Orthodox Christian of Amhara Ethnicity.”

Eyewitnesses to the attacks reported that the vicious murderers even desecrated the bodies of their victims by “dancing and singing, carrying the chopped or hacked body parts of those they slaughtered,” even dragging the bodies of an elderly Christian couple through the streets of Gedeb Asasa.

The extremists also burned down several Christian-owned homes and businesses while vandalizing others, reportedly totaling billions of dollars’ of property damage.

This is nothing new, either. ISIS has been claiming the murders of Christians in Ethiopia for years. The persecution is heartbreaking.

Despite these barbaric acts, the Christians would rather lay down their life than to deny Jesus. I think that is a humbling lesson some of us need to learn. We take so much for granted here in America, but the day that we could need to make that very decision could come without warning.

Keep our Ethiopian brothers and sisters in Christ in your prayers!

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