Jabber Joe Gets Celebrates His Fifth Shot, After Most Americans Have Moved on From COVID

President Biden, maybe more appropriately known as "Jabber Joe," publicized his fifth COVID shot on Tuesday. Biden told Americans they should get "one COVID shot a year." At this point most Americans have put COVID-19 in the rearview.

Biden put his fifth shot on television and delivered a speech that urged Congress to continue the fight against COVID. He called it a "global health emergency."

“It’s time to step up with much-need COVID funding. Help us stay ahead of the virus, and keep our communities going strong with free vaccines, free tests, and widely-available treatments,” Biden said.

None of this is about politics. It’s about your health,” he continued.

According to the latest release of the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index, 47% of Americans have returned to their pre-COVID lifestyle. Seniors are the group most likely to get the boosters, but even their numbers are dropping with 71% getting the first booster and only 47% getting the second.

The White House released an extremely cringe video where they suggested people "avoid a spooky Thanksgiving" by getting boosted.

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