Jemele Hill Pulls Racist Card: 'If You Vote for Trump, You're Racist'

Former ESPN talker and Atlantic writer has quite a pair on her to come out and state that every single Trump voter is racist. In fact, not only is it brave to make such an accusation, but it is completely false.

Does she not realize that there are supporters of our president in every race, shape, and size? Who exactly are they being collectively racist against? The left?

Hill wrote on Twitter over the weekend, “If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room."

One Twitter user responded and said that he votes "with his wallet," to which Hill clapped back, "Ok, your wallet is racist then.”

It can be speculated that her absurd outburst came after Fox News host Chris Wallace’s interview with the president, in which she tweeted with praise for Wallace, “Fox News truly doesn’t deserve Chris Wallace.”

During the interview, Wallace was combative with President Trump and defended former Vice President Joe Biden on the movement to defund the police. His argument was that Biden never officially said that he supports the movement to abolish the police.

However, sleepy Joe has pointed out that he want to "redirect" funds from the police to other areas. Which is exactly the same thing as "defunding" the police, but with clever wording.

Hill received serious pushback from her tweet. Here are some of my favorite responses:

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