'Jeopardy!' Host Ken Jennings Shocks Fans With 'Dirty' Joke

Ken Jennings hosted the Jeopardy! Masters 2024 on Friday. He started the show with a risque joke, surprising many viewers who expect a family-friendly tone. People were eager to know what he said that shocked the audience.

During Friday's episode, under the "Kids and Parenting" category, Jennings delivered some unexpected humor. The episode was part of the Jeopardy! Masters 2024, featuring quarterfinal matches.

In the first game, contestants Matt Amodio, Mattea Roach, and Amy Schneider competed, each having only one match point previously. It was an intense matchup among the lower-scoring contestants.

Amy Schneider clinched her first tournament win. Before her victory, Jennings commented on a clue related to potty training. The clue was about the frustration of regression in potty training, to which the correct response was, "What is: Potty Training?"

Jennings quipped under his breath, “Unless they’re into it.” This NSFW remark caught everyone off guard. Contestant Mattea Roach laughed and struggled to compose herself.

On social media, Jeopardy! fans had mixed reactions. Jennings's comment sparked a flurry of comments, highlighting its unexpected raunchiness given the context.

One viewer expressed amusement on Reddit with Jennings’s unexpected addition to the clue. Others chimed in, sharing their enjoyment of the humor, while another comment brought up the sensitivity of the joke considering people with incontinence.

Meanwhile, Amy ended the game with a win of $36,001. Mattea and Matt earned $18,000 and $16,000, respectively.

In the second game, Victoria Groce, Yogesh Raut, and James Holzhauer competed. Fans particularly enjoyed this matchup, considering it one of the season's highlights.

Jeopardy enthusiasts praised the high level of competition in Game 2. Comments on Reddit reflected admiration for the contestants, with one fan noting it as one of the best Jeopardy games ever witnessed.