Jimmy Kimmel Attempted to Humiliate Mike Lindell and it Backfired Big-Time

Poorly executed humor can be difficult to endure, but comedy infused with political bias is particularly grating. Jimmy Kimmel, the ABC late-night host, is a prime example of what happens when comedy is reduced to political talking points instead of delivering genuine humor.

On Tuesday, Kimmel invited MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for an interview, which the host saw as a chance to mock Lindell. Lindell was interviewed while inside an arcade claw machine filled with stuffed animals, as requested by Kimmel.

Kimmel's intended mockery of Lindell during the Tuesday episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" backfired when the setup, a claw machine filled with stuffed animals, appeared forced and unoriginal. Lindell, however, handled the situation with grace and humor, not letting the silly prop diminish his presence.

In November of 2022, Kimmel acknowledged that his decision to prioritize left-leaning political views over comedy had negatively impacted his career. He stated that as a result, he had lost a significant portion of his audience, possibly more than half.

In October 2022, Forbes reported that "Jimmy Kimmel Live" was experiencing the lowest ratings among big-name late-night shows, lagging behind Fox's "Gutfeld!", CBS's "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," and NBC's "The Tonight Show." This was in line with Kimmel's admission in November 2022 that his embrace of leftist ideology had resulted in a significant decline in his fan base.

According to USA Today, the feud between Lindell and Kimmel started in 2021 over Lindell's election integrity concerns. In his monologues, Kimmel promoted leftist narratives by portraying Lindell and other dissenters as crazy or foolish.

In April 2021, Mike Lindell made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" after a feud between the two had been brewing since 2021 over Lindell's concerns about the 2020 presidential election. In his monologues, Kimmel supported leftist narratives by portraying Lindell and other dissenters as crazy or stupid. However, Lindell pointed out on his own streaming show, "Jimmy, your jokes aren't funny anymore because people have common sense now."

On Tuesday, the two faced off again and Lindell's assessment still holds true. Kimmel's humor fell flat and the arcade claw machine stunt lacked practicality.

The issue with Kimmel's approach is that he relied on a distorted image of Lindell, crafted by mainstream media, instead of engaging with the real person. The questions he asked Lindell during the show seemed pre-planned and were aimed at perpetuating the false notion that "Crazy Mike Lindell is scared of machines."

Kimmel attempted to discredit Lindell by portraying him as a non-credible individual. During the interview, he asked Lindell a question meant to further reinforce this narrative, inquiring as to why people do not take Lindell seriously, despite the host himself requesting Lindell's appearance in a playful setting filled with stuffed animals.

Kimmel persisted with the theme of fear of machines throughout the interview. He repeatedly asked questions such as, "Now that you're inside a machine, has your perspective changed?" and "What about other machines like sewing or ice machines, are you comfortable with those?" However, these questions fell flat as the audience showed little reaction. Lindell skillfully turned Kimmel's uncomfortable jabs into chances to articulate his stance.

“You can make fun of that, but we know the machines I’m talking about are voting machines, computers used in elections, because we want to have elections and not selections,” Lindell said.

This was after Lindell demolished the claw machine gag before it even took off. “Remember we were kids, and uh, we questioned these carnival games whether they were rigged or not, but when we spoke up back then, we didn’t get sued, did we?” he pointed out.

Check it out:

Even Kimmel admitted this bit was a bomb. “To be honest I don’t even remember why I decided you should be in there. It seemed like a good idea when it happened,” he said.

What a complete bomb. Remember back when comedians targeted both sides with their humor? Now they force every joke to be about the right, even if it's obviously forced, like this round peg into a square hole bit by Kimmel.

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