Joe Biden Discusses Healthcare on Zoom Call with Cardi B, Claims His Nickname is 'Joey B'

Has there been a single moment with Joe Biden and the African-American community that wasn't cringeworthy? His zoom call on healthcare with Cardi B was so, so cringe.

During a point in the call, Biden brought his daughter Ashley in. That was when he dropped the "Joey B" bomb.

“You know the nickname she gave me when she was growing up? She called me Joey B. So we may be related.”

Cardi B was once a Bernie Bro. When he was eliminated she predictably shifted to Biden. I’m just gonna go with Joe Biden because I cannot see the next step of America being ran by number 45,” the rapper said in April.

The Joe Biden - Cardi B Interview

Remember 2016 when Hillary Clinton had just about every celebrity in the land pulling for her? Does anyone remember how that turned out? I know I do.

When will the left get it into their thick skulls that parading around with out-of-touch celebrities does nothing to help their fractured relationship with middle America? Probably never.

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Arizona School District Cancels Monday Reopening After Teachers Plan 'Sickout'

An Arizona school district had their reopening plans for Monday cancelled after more than 100 teachers called in sick.

“We received an overwhelming response from staff indicating that they do not feel safe returning to classrooms with students,” J.O. Combs Unified School District superintendent Gregory A. Wyman said in a statement. “In response, we have received a high volume of staff absences for Monday citing health and safety concerns. Due to these insufficient staffing levels, schools will not be able to re-open on Monday as planned.”

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Liberals Wish President Trump Had Died with #WrongTrump Hashtag Trending

Even on a day when President Trump's brother passed away, the left continues to hate on him. The leftists responded to the passing of Robert Trump with the hashtag #WrongTrump on Twitter.

Even worse, many of the culprits are on Twitter defending their stance.

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WATCH: Black Lives Matter Protesters Attack Church, Physically Assaulting Congregation

Black Lives Matter rioters in Troy, New York have decided that Grace Baptist Church Pastor, Rev. John Koletas is an alt-right extremist and they decided to "protest" at his church.

This "protest" involved standing in front of the church building while cursing and screaming at whoever walked in...even making threats.

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BREAKING! CDC Report Reveals Deaths in 2020 At LOWEST Number in 10 YEARS!

You're believing a lie if you're beliving the hype that the media is feeding you about the deaths from the coronavirus.

I'm not dismissing it altogether. People are getting sick and people are dying from it, but based on what we're being told by the media, you would think that this years total number of deaths is going to be much higher than any other year.

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Chicago Business Owners Fed Up with Mayor, Issues Demand to City Government

There are a number of cities around the country that I believe have fallen so badly that I don't think that there is any coming back from the calamity.

New York City will likely never be the same as it once was. Minneapolis will likely never be rebuilt, it's so badly destroyed.

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Sports Fans Tired of Politics in Sports and Disrespect of Our Nation...And They Just Let Players Know It

If you've ever been to a live pro sports event, then you likely know that fans can have very different reactions to the things that the players do.

There could be cheers, whistling, and applause; or there could be boos and heckling.

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