John Cusack: Impeach Trump to 'Save Lives'

Actor John Cusack has demanded the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Even in the midst of a pandemic, all the left cares about is impeaching Trump. He said that the president needs to be removed in order “to save lives.”

He tweeted on Tuesday, "We need strikes and we need to remove trump from power to save lives. Impeach him again. Pressure for 25th."

Of course Cusack isn't the first loony liberal to publicly demand that Trump be taken out of office. Actor Michal Keaton and movie mogul Rob Reiner have both been speaking out as well.

Earlier this month Reiner tweeted, “We will get through this. But unfortunately not with the help of this President. First he must be removed from the public square to let competent experts take over, then he must be removed from office to allow US to heal.”

Keaton posted on Instagram, "Please. I swear. I’m not even hating or yelling. Just, please get out of the way. No one will get mad. Please. Move out of the way. Please."

Conservative Fighters reports:

Cusack, who endorsed Bernie Sanders as the Democratic presidential nominee, recently told President Trump to “rot in hell” for scolding an NBC News reporter during a White House press conference on the coronavirus pandemic. The High Fidelity star was reacting to a testy exchange between President Trump and NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander.

The 2012 star also demanded Trump’s ouster last May in a series of tweets that saw the actor pushing for the president’s impeachment.

“Trump needs to be removed from office,” Cusack added.

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