John Lewis Endorses Biden: 'We Need His Voice'

Civil Rights advocate Rep. John Lewis officially endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president on Monday. He encouraged Americans to  "vote like we never ever, ever voted before."

"It is my belief that we need Joe Biden now more than ever before," Lewis said. "We need his voice. We need his leadership now more than ever before. We need someone who is going to get out country on the right side of history, and help save our planet."

We need his voice? Really? For one, Biden can barely form a coherent sentence. So what voice exactly is Lewis referring to?

I guess we are jus throwing out his sexual assault allegations? I mean, President Trump was attacked and THOROUGHLY investigated and bullied only to find out his accusers were lying. However, Biden is accused and it's swept under the rug?

The Hill reports:

Lewis, who led hundreds of demonstrators across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., in the 1965 Bloody Sunday protest, where he was beaten by police, invoked his own background in calling for young Americans to vote in the general election. 

"I saw people that were beaten, arrested and jailed," Lewis said. "On March 2nd, 1965, more than 600 of us were beaten, left bloody, some of us left unconscious.

"I would say to young people it is my hope that you would not be beaten or arrested or jailed," he said. "Let's go out and vote, and help elect a man of conscience."  

Lewis, 80, also touched upon Biden's future running mate, saying it would be good to have a woman on the ticket. 

"It would be good to have a woman," Lewis continued. "It would be good to have a woman who looks like the rest of America.

"We have plenty of able women. Some are black, white, Latino, Asian American, Native American. I think the time is long past for making the White House look like the whole of America," he added.

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