Jon Stewart Announces Return to Television Leading Up to Election

Jon Stewart is back! The comedy icon returns to "The Daily Show," where he became a legend.

After leaving in 2015, he's hosting again. Every Monday night until the 2024 election. Plus, he's an executive producer. His comeback kicks off on Feb. 12.

Chris McCarthy, big boss at Showtime/MTV, is thrilled. He says Stewart's the voice of our generation. Ready to tackle the election madness.

Stewart's return is big news. The 2024 election is heating up. It looks like Biden vs. Trump again. Stewart, known for his left-leaning humor, is expected to shake things up.

Remember the Bush era? Stewart made "The Daily Show" a cultural powerhouse. Think Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Steve Carell. All started there.

More than laughs, Stewart's show was a news hub. A must-visit for the powerful and influential.

Post-Stewart, Trevor Noah took over. He ran the show until 2022. But it wasn't the same. Since then, a mix of hosts have tried to fill the gap.

Stewart's once-a-week gig is similar to Rachel Maddow's on MSNBC. He's set to make waves again.

Stewart's playful about his return. He tweeted, "Excited for the future!"

His 2015 exit was a big deal. Even President Obama felt it. Stewart didn't spare anyone, right or left, from his wit.

Post-"Daily Show," Stewart had a short-lived Apple+ show. He's also been a fierce advocate for veterans and 9/11 responders.

In 2021, he made headlines on "The Late Show." He supported the coronavirus lab-leak theory, surprising many.

Stewart's return is more than a comeback. It's a signal. The political comedy scene is about to get a jolt of its old fire.