Jon Voight: Nancy Pelosi is a 'Threat' to America, with 'Evil Intent'

Hollywood legend Jon Voight claimed on Thursday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a "threat" to America, and that her soul is filled with "evil intent."

The star posted a video on Twitter explaining exactly how he feels about Pelosi.

“This Pelosi woman and her cohorts are a threat to the United States of America,” Voight began, “She has a link that is corrupt, her soul has evil intent.”

“We will stand in the name of God,” he continued. “We will stand with President Trump for he is the greatest president. Watching his state of the union speech with pride and tears, I was moved by his words of wisdom.”

He also warned that the "barbaric behavior" from the "radical left" is "not what God wants from his children."

“Let us continue our fight to keep our President of the United States in office, because he is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln,” Voight concluded

Breitbart reports: 

Voight, one of Hollywood’s few conservative voices, has been unwavering in his support for President Trump and his administration, particularly throughout special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia election meddling investigation and the Democrats’ partisan impeachment trial, which ended this week with the president’s acquittal by the Senate. In late January, the veteran actor called on Americans to offer up “our highest prayers” for the president amid the impeachment proceedings.

“We call upon our highest prayers and ask Jesus, Moses, and all saints to save the truth that has been taken down by these cruel individuals of the left and ask God to place his hands upon this nation of the United States of America and bless and protect the truth for our President Donald Trump, so he can continue his legacy as one of our greatest presidents,” Voight said.

In November, President Trump awarded Voight with the National Medal of Arts and praised him as an actor of “astonishing range and depth.”

“John captures the imagination of the audiences and dominates almost every single scene he’s in,” Trump added,  “He’s a special person.”

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