Kamala Harris Claims Her 2020 Gun Control Laws Would Stop the Philly Shooter - While Suspect is Shooting at Cops

As the gun control debate wages on, it's interesting how the left thinks they can get people who do not follow laws to somehow follow gun laws. Today Kamala Harris claimed her 2020 gun control policies would have prevented the Philly mass shooting. All while the shooter was firing bullets at cops.

“Part of my focus on what we need to do around smart gun safety laws is recognize we have to have more enforcement around gun dealers. Wolf, 90% of the guns that are associated with crime are sold by just 5% of the gun dealers in the United States,” Harris said, despite the shooter still actively shooting at police officers.

Kamala Harris Talking 2020 Gun Control Policies During a Shooting

On Wednesday afternoon at least six police officers were shot in the Nicetown-Tioga section of Philadelphia.

They all suffered non life threatening injuries. They were taken to Temple University Hospital according to Sergeant Eric Gipp.

There was a warrant being served to the home of a drug dealer when the gun battle broke out. The officers were first brought onto the scene for narcotics activity.

Kamala Harris truly believes that drug dealers are going to suddenly become law abiding citizens when it comes to gun laws.

Check out some of the responses to the shooting on Twitter:

The left wastes no time to politicize shootings. This time Kamala Harris got caught with her foot directly in her mouth.