Kamala Harris Shown Laughing just Before Calling Impeachment ‘Solemn, Serious Moment’

Democrats really do not do themselves any favors. I would like to reason with them and see things from their point of view but every fiber in my being disagrees with them. Especially when I see how hypocritical and corrupt they are, time after time.

Senator Kamala Harris attempted to act serious for the cameras on Thursday, but her fake demeanor came a little too late.

While talking about the articles of impeachment with MSNBC’s Katie Hunt, Harris was caught smiling and laughing as if she did not have a care in the world. Then when she realized there was a live shot, her attitude immediately changed.

“This is a solemn, serious moment,” she said about the impeachment process. “These are the most serious charges brought in the history of our country against a president.”

“The moment we just experienced I think is highlighting the importance of doing impartial justice and taking seriously the importance of listening to the evidence and the importance of receiving evidence,” Harris added.

Kamala isn’t the only one who is all smiles. Seems like many of the Democrats are quite giddy in thinking they might be getting rid of President Trump. Unfortunately for them, he’s not going down that easy.

Although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continuously refers to the impeachment as “solemn” and “prayerful,” you could still catch her grinning from ear to ear after the signing ceremony of the articles on Wednesday.

“This is a very sad time for our country,” Pelositold Texas Tribune. “This is no joy in this. We must be somber, we must be prayerful.”

If they are going to go with the sob story act, they should at least stick with it!