Kamala Harris: Trump Abandoned Leadership, Responsible for 'Body Bags'

Senator and former presidential candidate Kamala Harris has not only endorsed Joe Biden, and likely to be his vice president pick, but she is also attacking President Trump.

On Thursday, accused Trump of abandoning “the role of the president of the United States” during the coronavirus crisis. She added that his 'lack of leadership' has resulted in “body bags” piling up across our country.

“There is no question that if we’d had a president in charge who actually took their responsibility seriously, that we would probably be looking at a lot less damage than we have incurred,” Harris told Vice News. “We watch every day the number of people infected and the number of people who are dead. We are every day hearing and watching stories about body bags. So, look, the buck stops with the president.”

Breitbart reports:

Harris insisted that Trump, from the beginning, “abandoned his role of leadership” and “the role of the president of the United States” in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

The California Democrat reportedly accused Trump of failing to take the coronavirus outbreak “seriously” and “trivializing the issue including the importance of social distancing.”

Harris, who has been intensifying her criticisms of Trump as Biden reportedly gets closer to finalizing his vice presidential selection, also ripped Trump for putting ideology above the “science.”

“The thing about this moment and it also is a source, therefore, of frustration about who this president is and how he has been approaching this issue: this is science. These things just don’t lie,” Harris concluded. “Science is based on empirical data. Science is based on peer review. Science is based on analysis, objective analysis.”

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