Man Picks Up Walmart Grocery Order and is Shocked By What He Finds When He Gets Home

A Mississippi couple got a surprise when they picked up their Walmart grocery order. Upon the husband's return, they discovered they had received much more than they ordered.

Carin shared on TikTok that their driveway was overflowing with groceries. They had only ordered their usual amount. "We called the store and they told us to keep it all!!! This order was Huge! I think they were planning a BBQ," she captioned her video.

Despite the mix-up, Walmart assured that the original order's owner also received their groceries. Newsweek contacted Walmart but could not get a confirmation on the details.

The couple decided to distribute the excess food among their community. They shared the unexpected bounty with family and neighbors.

"A lot of commenters were concerned that the original buyer went without their order, but that isn't the case," Carin told Newsweek. Walmart had quickly re-prepared the original order.


The original buyer did not face any additional charges. They received their groceries after a minor delay on the same day.

With so much extra food, Carin and her husband saw an opportunity to help. They chose to share the groceries with their elderly neighbors and their daughter, who had recently had a baby.

The fortunate mix-up benefited not just Carin's family but their community as well. The Ocean Springs Walmart made sure they also received their correct order.

While unsure of the exact value of the mistaken order, Carin estimated it was between $300-$500. Their original order was around $175.