Man Who Went Viral For Reporting for Driving During Virtual Suspended License Hearing Sets Record Straight

A Michigan man went viral for a surprising reason. Corey Harris attended a virtual court hearing while driving. His license was suspended at the time.

The incident happened on May 15. Harris was dealing with charges from an October traffic stop. The video spread quickly online.

Harris felt humiliated by the attention. "I was just trying to handle my business," he said. The situation took an unexpected turn.

It turns out, Harris's license suspension was a mistake. A clerical error had occurred. The court had not updated his status.

Harris was vindicated after the truth came out. "The world owes him an apology," his lawyer argued. The mix-up caused unnecessary stress.

Despite the ordeal, Harris remains focused. He wants to move past the incident. His main goal is to clear his name.

This story highlights issues in the system. Errors like this can have big impacts. Harris's experience is a cautionary tale.

For now, Harris is relieved. The court acknowledged the mistake. He looks forward to putting this behind him.