McDonald's Throws Cold Water on Their Secret 'Dinner Box' Incredible Deal

McDonald's customers have discovered a new dinner hack. Leiela Kapewa-Latu highlighted it on TikTok, showcasing a $12 "dinner box" from a Texas McDonald's. The box includes two cheeseburgers, four small fries, 10-piece chicken nuggets, two Big Macs, and sauces, packed in a distinctive yellow and white striped box.

Leiela revealed this find on TikTok, stating, “If you didn’t know, like we didn’t know, $12 gets you a dinner box. It’s not on the menu.” Her post quickly gained popularity, amassing nearly 700,000 likes. However, prices seem to vary by location, with customers across the U.S. noting different costs for their dinner boxes.

@xolovelei $12 Dinner Boxes at McDonald’s is worth it!! #budgetfriendly #mcdonaldshacks #fyp ♬ original sound - xolovelei

Comments under Leiela's video showed the price discrepancies. An Ohio customer mentioned a $22 price tag, while a Nevada resident cited a $14.99 cost for a similar box. McDonald’s explained to PEOPLE that prices and promotions are determined by the franchises themselves, which can lead to variations.

The company also mentioned that these deals are available through the McDonald’s app under the shareables tab. This revelation excited many, as one commenter expressed, “That’s a great deal!!” The dinner box offer comes amid fluctuating fast food prices.

Wendy's recently discussed introducing "dynamic pricing" by 2025, which led to speculation about surge pricing similar to Uber. However, Wendy's clarified to PEOPLE that their approach would aim to benefit customers and staff by offering discounts during slower times, not raising prices during peak hours.

Fast food chains frequently roll out enticing deals to attract customers. For instance, Burger King has been known for its "Whopper Wednesday," offering their signature burger at a steep discount. These deals not only drive traffic on specific days but also introduce new customers to their menu.

Taco Bell's "Taco Tuesday" is another popular promotion, with discounted tacos that have become a weekly tradition for many. The success of such promotions underscores the power of affordable pricing in the competitive fast food industry.

Subway often promotes its "Footlong Fest," where customers can grab any footlong sandwich at a reduced price. This deal is particularly popular among families and groups, making it an effective strategy to boost sales.

Pizza chains like Domino's and Pizza Hut compete by offering deals on large orders, perfect for parties or family gatherings. Their "buy one, get one free" pizza deals on certain days are a hit, providing great value to pizza lovers everywhere.

Lastly, KFC's "Bucket Deals" offer a variety of chicken pieces, sides, and biscuits at a bundled price. These deals cater to family dinners, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a hearty meal without breaking the bank.