Media Goes Nuts When President Trump Jokes with Putin: 'Don't Meddle in the Election'

The media and the Democratic Party has been losing their mind over their imagine story of President Trump and Russian collusion. Now President Trump adds fuel to the fire when he jokes with Vladimir Putin, smiling and telling him, "Don't meddle in the election."

Everyone knows there is no proof that Russia meddled in the election. There were Facebook ads ran by Russia on all sides of the election, but they did nothing to help Trump achieve victory. It was one big witch hunt.

President Trump met with President Putin at the G20. While they were together the media kept shouting at Trump to tell Putin not to meddle in the United States election.

Of course President Trump did it in a way only he can.

Trump to Putin: "Don't Meddle in the Election"

Of course liberal heads are going to explode at the sight of this.

Instead of admitting their party is a disaster, the left hangs onto this fantasy that Russia made them lose. In 2016 they put forth the worst possible candidate. Crooked Hillary was never going to defeat Donald Trump.

Things aren't looking much better for 2020. They have put out what seems like a hundreds candidates. The last two nights they have spent two hours shouting over each other on national television.

In what the left is calling the highlight of the night, Kamala Harris and frontrunner Joe Biden locked horns on the issue of race.

It looks extremely unlikely that anyone from the left will be able to take down President Trump in 2020.