Megan Rapinoe Says the Team Doesn't Want to Go to the White House, But Want to Visit Who!?

Far left soccer star Megan Rapino has been attacking President Trump for quite a while now. It started back in 2016 when she started kneeling during the anthem to protest "white supremacy" and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Later on she clarified it was for the treatment of gays.

Then just last month she changed her protest once again and said her protesting during the anthem is her f*ck you to Trump and his racism.

Rapinoe is the captain of the US Women's National Team. She also said "I'm not going to the f*cking White House" when asked about it.

In her final on the field protest, Rapinoe refused to sing the national anthem before the Women's World Cup final.

Monday she made it clear that it wasn't just her that doesn't want to go to the White House. She said "we" don't want to go to the White House.

Megan Rapinoe: I’ve said publicly, I think most of the team, if not everybody, well everybody is with me. We don’t want to go the White House. So I think that’s why the invitation hasn’t come. Maybe he sent it by mail and it’s just slowly to get here.

How would anyone on the team want to go to the White House? The way the media has made Rapinoe a hero and villainzed President Trump, how would anyone possibly want to oppose her?

She did make it clear that the team is open to a Chuck Schumer visit.

Why would she make it a point to mention her visit to Chuck Schumer? To divide the country. That's what the Democrats love to do.