Meghan McCain Claims Trump is ‘Deeply Emasculated by My Father’s Legacy’

Is this a joke? Meghan McCain actually had the audacity to claim that President Donald Trump is emasculated by the legacy of her late father, Senator John McCain.

Quite frankly, the only thing that could be emasculated by ol’ Songbird is a wimpy liberal feminist. Even that is pushing it. The man was a whiny RINO who did everything in his power to ruin any legislature supported by President Trump.

On Monday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View” co-host Joy Behar said to guest star Robert De Niro, “You would never play Trump because he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever…You have played some of the most really unredeemable characters; Travis Bickle was a psychopathic in ‘Taxi Driver.’ Jake LaMotta who beat his wife in Raging Bull. Is Trump worse than they are?”

De Niro responded, “To me he is. Because he has no understanding that I can see of the outside world other than anything around him, he has no idea of what his purpose in life as the president should be, and that is to pull the country together, to be for the people, to heal wounds, not to open them up and pour salt on them.”

”I always say he’s a lowlife,” he continued. “He’s a lowlife. And he knows he’s a low life. He knows. Everything he projects about negative things on individuals, on situations, on institutions, he’s saying about himself.”

“He’s what you call projecting. Because he feels that about himself, but he’s saying it like the dirtiest player. You insult people and say the terrible things about them when you feel that way about yourself. You know how terrible that is. He actually says that.” De Niro added, turning to McCain, “What he said about her father, what is that about?”

McCain replied, “He’s deeply emasculated by my father’s legacy, and he can’t take it. That’s what it’s about.”

Yeah. Donald Trump is emasculated by a traitor and failed U.S. presidential candidate. Okay, Meghan.

Here is the clip of their conversation. Skip to 2:50 for McCain’s comment: