Michael Moore Predicts Trump 2020 Victory: ‘I Believe He will Win’

Filmmaker and liberal activist Michael Moore must have a bitter taste in his mouth after admitting that he believes Donald Trump will win the 2020 election.

While speaking with Democracy Now! Moore said that if the "vote were today" then Trump would win due to his supporter’s unwavering loyalty. He said that support hasn’t fallen "one inch" in the Midwest.

"I believe, he would win the electoral states that he would need," Moore said, adding that Trump’s supporters are "even more rabid than it was before because they’re afraid now. They’re afraid he could lose, because they watched his behavior. So they are voracious in their appetite for Donald Trump. That’s the bad news."

Then he claimed that Democrats had the demographics on their side, with women, minorities, and young people making up 70% of their voting base. The liberal activist suggested that Democrats vote for a “fighter” to compete against Trump in the election.

"What we have to do is we have to make sure we don’t give them another Hillary Clinton to vote for," he added. "You forgot us a long time ago out here, and we will not put up with this anymore. We’re not going to vote for Trump, but we’re not going to tolerate you sending us another Republican-lite Democrat. If we go that route, if we go that route, it’s guaranteed we will lose the Electoral College."

Sounds to me like they will lose the electoral college regardless.

This is not the first time Moore has spoken about his dislike for the president recently. Earlier this week he had an interview with Rolling Stone magazine and his language was quite colorful.

Moore arrogantly predicted that Trump will not debate the Democratic candidate in the 2020 election.

Moore ranted, “He’s not going to debate anybody. He so knows his game, and we are still playing the old game. ‘Yep, there is going to be three debates.’ Are you fucking kidding me? Anybody out there who is listening to this who thinks there are going to be debates, that this is going to be a normal year 2020, think again.”

“He will come up with a reason.” He continued, “Whoever the candidate is, is treasonous, a trader, anti-American or there will be a national crisis or an emergency, there will be something. He is above debating anybody anymore. And he will never allow the control of that microphone switch to be in the hands of anybody but himself.”