Michigan Dem Party Chairwoman: 'If You Support Trump, You're a Racist'

In today's world, we as Christians and Conservatives are immediately being labeled by the left as racists. In times such as this, that is a dangerous thing. Because once someone is slapped with that label, the liberal thugs will destroy, loot, and murder in the name of their "justice."

Michigan Democrat Party (MDP) Chairwoman Lavora Barnes labeled everyone who supports President Donald Trump as being a "racist" on Sunday.

On the exact same day that thugs and rioters vandalized and destroyed buildings in downtown Lansing, Barnes was singing the praises of Governor Gretchen Whitmer and slamming those who support the president.

Her statement titled, “The Time for Silence is Over,” said that the Democratic tactics being used don't “seem to be working." Then she got down to business, “If you support Donald Trump, you are a racist. Here is where it gets tricky and uncomfortable."

“Donald Trump is a racist, and if being a racist is not a dealbreaker for you, you are the reason Black people are being murdered for being Black," she continued.

I guess she didn't take into account that there are people of every race that support Trump?

Barnes said that it “is time to challenge, time to have uncomfortable conversations with people that are not ready to have them. It is time to risk some friendships, time to make waves at work, time to recognize that we are past politics now.”

Then she proposed her own system of justice:

Here is what I want to see: I want the economic oppression of Black communities to stop, including holding the oppressors accountable. I want meaningful criminal justice reform. And I want law enforcement to actually do their jobs and prosecute hate crimes, and when law enforcement participates in racist conduct I want them held accountable — not by the prosecutors and colleagues they work with every day, but by an independent body, that they hold no sway over.

We cannot allow people like her to further the divide in America. We must come together and denounce such evil.