Miracle Boy Wakes from Coma, Says He Met Jesus: 'He Held My Hand'

Miracles happen every single day! I don't know about you, but it gives me hope to hear those praise reports!

A 13-year-old Alabama boy has been called a "miracle" after he was in a horrific accident that plunged him into a coma. When he defied all the odds and woke from that coma, he said that he "held the hand of Jesus."

LW reports:

Trenton McKinley of Mobile was being towed in a small utility trailer by a friend who was riding a dune buggy when his friend suddenly pumped the brakes. Trenton quickly threw his 4-year-old niece off the trailer and into the grass to safety. In the process, however, he managed to get tangled in the trailer as it flipped over.

“I hit the concrete and the trailer landed on top of my head. After that, I don’t remember anything,” he told WALA-TV.

 BBC reports that Trenton was confirmed to be dead for fifteen minutes after the accident. His mother, Jennifer Reindl, said the doctors were adamant that the teen boy would “never be normal again.”


Trenton woke up and began recalling his heavenly encounter, and how he saw Jesus.

“I was walking through a shadow with a field. I saw a dark male figure with a beard,” he told the Christian Broadcasting Network, “He held my hand as I walked through a field. I was holding a baby in my arm. My mom told me she lost a boy from a miscarriage before I was born. I know it was my brother.”

“I was in an open field walking straight. There’s no other explanation but God. There’s no other way. Even doctors said it," he continued, “Jesus is watching you at all times. He’s with you. Believe and never lose faith.”

His mother posted on the GoFundMe page:

“He has had two craniotomy surgeries and died 4 times at one time for 15 min. The last time they brought him back he had no brain waves a damaged brain stem and his heart only beat because the adrenalin and even then his vitals were 40over20 and his body temp was 81….they said the next time his heart stopped they had to let him die….this was a Saturday….or I could sign a paper to donate his organs to save five other kids….and they would keep hitting him with adrenaline till Monday….so I signed it….his eyes were solid black and dry and I knew he would not hesitate to save 5 more lives….the next day I got a call….they canceled the final brain wave test….right before they hooked him up his hand moved, then his feet…so they looked at his eyes and they were back responsive..and my baby was in heaven for a whole day….he is a miracle…they say no one has ever came back from complete death of the brain brain stem and heart….but God did for my son what he did for his own….and I am so honored to have him back….this is our testimony!”

Trenton added that Heaven "was real."

The teen has continued to defy doctors by making remarkable progress in his recovery. But it’s not all easy going — Trenton has lost 50 pounds and suffers with both nerve pain and horrific seizures. Currently, he possesses just half of his skull. The missing piece is frozen at the hospital, ready to be reconnected through yet another surgery.

This is truly a touching story. Although it happened last year, I still wanted to share it because it is such a powerful message. Makes you really rethink a lot of things, doesn't it?