Move Over Pineapple: Pizza Hut Offers New Controversial Pizza Topping

Just when you think you've experienced all the culinary surprises, Pizza Hut steps in to shake up its own reputation.

The well-known pizza franchise is now upping the ante in the toppings department by introducing a surprising choice: snake meat. Yes, snake meat is not only being consumed, which is unusual on its own, but now it's finding its way onto pizzas. Isn't the trend nowadays about incorporating insects into our diet?

“Combined with pizza, snake meat marks a breakthrough from the conventional concept of what maintaining good health means while challenging one’s taste buds,” Pizza Hut explained to CNN.

Honestly, all I'm looking for is a simple pizza slice, not a sensory challenge with each bite.

As of now, this exotic topping is only available at Pizza Hut locations in China, but there's talk of it potentially making its way to the U.S., particularly as the brand promotes the health benefits of snake meat, like enhanced blood circulation.

But for me, that's a hard no.

Snake Meat Does Have Some Health Benefits

People brave enough to sample snake meat from China have remarked that it resembles the taste of chicken – a familiar comparison we've often heard when describing unconventional foods.

Pizza Hut's decision to offer snake meat as a topping was influenced by recent food trends in China, where consuming snake meat has become fashionable. Perhaps it's best if this trend stays localized.

On a lighter note, those who favor pineapple on their pizza can take solace in knowing they're no longer the most unconventional pizza enthusiasts.

For those who are giving it a shot, good luck. I'll be rolling with pepperoni and mushrooms.

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