MSNBC Journalist Calls For Trump To Step On Scale In Public To Prove His Weight

The left is unhinged when it comes to Trump's health exam. Dr. Ronny Jackson said President Trump is in "excellent health" and even though he does not exercise he is health because he has "incredibly good genes."

Now an unhinged MSNBC journalist is fired up about it. Ken Dilanian has taken things to the extreme.

Dilanian wants President Trump to step on a scale in public and prove that the doctor was telling the truth about Trump's weight.

Dilanian tweeted:

Seeing a lot of skepticism over the idea that @realDonaldTrump weighs only 239 pounds. Would he step on a scale in public to prove it?

The far left journalist wasn't done. He then compared Trump a player in the NFL who is similar size in this tweet:

Watch the video:

Here is more of the response from Dr. Ronny Jackson about President Trump's health:

“I told the president if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old. I mean, he has incredible — he has incredible genes. If I didn’t watch what I ate, I wouldn’t have the cardiac and overall health that he has.

So he’s very healthy despite those things, and I don’t think that he does that any more. I mean, you know, he’s in the White House now. He’s eating what they’re — what the chefs are cooking for him now, and they’re cooking a much healthier diet for him now. We’re going to continue to work on that, make that even healthier. I would say the answer to your question is he has incredibly good genes, and it’s the way God made him.”

The doctor even brought God into the discussion. No matter the left is irate about this health exam on President Trump.

Check out the responses on Twitter: