New Liberal Demands: Remove 'Books Written by Whites' from Shelves

Apparently we have reached the book burning part of quarantine, where it is now racist to have books written by white people on your bookshelves. Instead, you should have books written by people of color, according to radical alt-left writer Juan Vidal.

Vidal, who writes for websites like The Daily Beast and Rolling Stone, published an article on NPR’s website with the demands for white people to "decolonize" their bookshelves.

Gateway Pundit reports:

In removing those books, Vidal leaves no explanation what to do with them, but we all know what he means. This radical left “anti-fascist” writer is advocating for modern day book burning of content from a specific racial or ethnic group, the same exact thing that Hitler and his Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels ordered done during the Third Reich, where “literary garbage” and books of “un-German” origin were set ablaze.

Vidal wrote, "If you are white, take a moment to examine your bookshelf. What do you see? What books and authors have you allowed to influence your worldview, and how you process the issues of racism and prejudice toward the disenfranchised? Have you considered that, if you identify as white and read only the work of white authors, you are in some ways listening to an extension of your own voice on repeat?"

Uh, what?? I don't buy books based on the skin tone and race of the author. In fact, I couldn't tell you the author's name or what they look like for more than half the books on my shelf! I buy and read books based on whether or not it sounds appealing to me.

Vidal continued, "Anti-racist books will only do a person good if they silence themselves first and enter into the reading — provided they care enough to do so."

"lol no one said anything about burning books y’all are some certified fuccbois that don’t know how to read," he backpeddaled on Twitter once he was called out.

Whether or not they will admit it, this is literally turning into a modern day book burning. They may not be out in the streets burning books (YET) but they are demanding the literature be tossed and replaced with the content they want you to read.

19th century German-jewish poet Heinrich Heinie once said, “Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.”

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