New Photos Show Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Not Sobbing at the Border - She Was in a Photo-Op in an Empty Parking Lot

Well, this puts things in a different light. What if I told you Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's emotional photos at the border were actually in an empty parking lot?

On Tuesday Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released photos of her sobbing at a border entrance gate. She was clearly so shaken by the experience she was moved to tears. When she saw the migrant children being detained in such an inhumane manner, it shook her to the core.

She had to put her hands over her face to hide the pain she was feeling. She posted photos of the experience on Twitter:

Well, evidence has surfaced that shows this was completely staged and she was actually crying in an empty parking lot.

alexandria ocasio-cortez border photos

Here's another shot:

alexandria ocasio-cortez empty lot

But if you listened to her tweet, she was moved to tears because she actually America become a nation that steals children.

This reaction from Jack Posobiec sums things up pretty well:

Then there's the part where she happpened to be wearing a $600 watch while sympathizing with the children who were allegedly at the border.