New York State is Issueing Driver's Licenses to Illegal Immigrants that Look Exactly Like a Citizen's License

New York State has joined the race with California to see who can push the furthest left. They have just starting issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants that look exactly like the ones given to a legal citizen.

Why does this matter? It makes it much easier for Democrats to identify themselves and vote easily when their identification looks just like the ID used by a legal citizen.

New York Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola said he intends to sue the state over this new law. Merola also claims that the licenses look exactly like everyone else's license.

Per TBG:

Frank Merola: If you’re here illegally the license they want to give them will look just like someone’s license… I said it in 2007 and I’ll say it again. It’s not about driving. If they want to give them a license that looked a little different than your license or my license they can do that. They want to give them a license identical to a license everyone holds to register to vote. And that’s exactly what they’re looking at.

What can be done to counter this? Well, if TSA said that a New York driver's license is no longer grounds to board a plane, that would go a long way in countering this.