Nine US Citizens, Including Three Mothers and Six Children, Gunned Down, Burned by Drug Cartel in Mexico

In a devastating report, nine US citizens, including three mothers and six children, were shot to death and possibly burned in northern Mexico on Monday.

This atrocity happened when the victims were near their Church of Latter-Day Saints’ place of worship. They hold dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship.

“It is with heavy hearts and unspeakable sadness we inform you that the 2 missing Mothers… along with many of their precious INNOCENT children have been slaughtered and gone to their Rest,” Lafe Langford Jr., a relative of the victim, wrote on Facebook.

Maria Rhonita Miller and her four children, along with Dawna Ray Langford, Christina Marie Langford, and one of their daughters were among the victims, per the Salt Lake Tribune.

At least one child was able to walk from the site of where this happened to the family home.

The remains of Maria Rhonita Miller and her four children were found inside the family's Chevy Suburban, which was filled with bullet holes and burned out.

“We need this to be shared and the whole world to witness the atrocious inhumane and barbaric acts that were committed against us today,” Langford Jr. wrote. He accompanied the post with a video of the smoldering Chevy Suburban. You can see several bullet holes in the body of it.

Per the Salt Lake Tribune:

The families are from La Mora, about 70 miles south of Douglas, Ariz. They are a mix of people who worship with the mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and polygamous offshoots. Lafe Langford Jr. said the killings happened near the town of Bavispe in the state of Sonora. The gunmen, Langford said, are believed to be members of a cartel from Chihuahua who encroached on another cartel’s territory.

Amber Bostwick took to Facebook to send out a heartfelt tribute to the victims:

Such a sad story. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.