Obama Exasperated by Democratic 2020 Candidates

On Friday CNN reporter Rebecca Buck said that former president Barack Obama is exasperated by the movement of the Democratic Party to the far left.

CNN's Newsroom co-host Jim Sciutto said that the former president is unhappy about being attacked by the Democratic presidential candidates. He also asked Buck what she is learning behind the scenes.

"As you know, Obama has been trying to stay out of this primary as much as possible, keeping quiet, and not making any endorsements even with his former vice president Joe Biden in the race," Buck said. "But privately Obama, our CNN colleagues are reporting, is expressing exasperation at how far left the party is moving on some policy issues and of course breaking with some of the things he did when he was president."

"Primaries are all about the legacy of the last president where the party is moving, and it's no secret that the Democratic Party right now has been moving far to the left policy-wise relative to the Obama administration," Buck continued. "And it is for many of these candidates a balancing act because Joe Biden of course is essentially a third term of President Obama."

CNN reported on Thursday that allies of Obama were unhappy about the candidates going after Obama on his record on health care and immigration. Rahm Emanuel, who is the former mayor of Chicago as well as the first White House chief of staff of the Obama administration, railed against the Democratic candidates.

"We have seen this movie before. Democrats need to wake up," Emanuel said to CNN. "I would not treat the Obama years as something to be airbrushed out of history. Every one of these things needs to be built upon."

Bill de Blasio pressed Biden on whether he was on board with Obama when it came to the mass deportation of 3 million illegal immigrants. Biden ducked the question, but de Blasio continued to press, resulting in this response from Biden:

"I was vice president. I am not the president. I keep my recommendations in private. Unlike you, I expect you would go ahead and say whatever was said privately with him. That is not what I do."

Michael Moore, who predicted the Trump victory in 2016, claims that Michelle Obama is the only person who can "crush" Trump.

Many are wondering if things were to get to a certain point it would prompt Michelle Obama would run for president. We are not among that camp and cannot envision a scenario where Michelle Obama runs for president.