Once Again, Biden Attempts to Link White Supremacists to Trump

Oh goodness. Ol Joe Biden is at it again. Democratic presidential candidate appeared on MSNBC’s “Deadline” on Monday, and said that white supremacists were “very enthusiastic” about President Donald Trump.

Really? Who cares if they like Trump? Perhaps some of them like Biden or Bernie Sanders. Does that suddenly make them white supremacists? No? Then why relate it to Trump?

While slamming Saders for not disowning his supporters’ attacks, Biden said, “I know you’re seeing what has been online, the vicious, vicious threats, the misogynistic things they’ve said referring to the women who are leaders of the Culinary Union, and they received death threats. I mean, this is way, way—this is Trump-like. Way over the line. And I think Bernie has to disavow this.”

Oh please. Here is a partial transcript:

WALLACE: “Do you worry about the tone and tenor in February of this presidential campaign here?”

BIDEN: “I really do. Look, I know you’ve seen what’s been online, the vicious, vicious threats, and things they’ve said, the misogynistic things they’ve said, referring to the women who are leaders of the Culinary Union and the things that they’ve said about them, and actually they received death threats. I mean, this is way, way — this is Trump-like. Way over the line. And I think Bernie has to be — he has to disavow this. He has to say I disassociate, I don’t want any of those people being with me. Can you imagine if my supporters did that, what should be expected of me? I’m not saying Bernie won’t do it, he hadn’t done it yet.”

WALLACE: “Do you think Bernie is Trump-like?”

BIDEN: “I think unless you speak up and take on this vitriol, I mean, it is ugly. I can’t even use the words they used on — go on, check on the websites out there.”

WALLACE: “I know — but I ask you because there was a days’ long scandal with Donald Trump when he refused to do just this. In Donald Trump’s case, it was very different. It was far worse, it was support from white nationalists, but he refused to disavow, he refused to disavow. I’m asking if you think Bernie Sanders is acting Trump-like in his refusal to disavow people that may be unsavory, but that are very enthusiastic about him.”

BIDEN: “Well, by the way, the white supremacists are very enthusiastic about Trump.”

WALLACE: “Right.”

BIDEN: “It’s not whether they’re enthusiastic about him, it’s the things they do.”

WALLACE: “But this reluctance to disavow, is it something that in Bernie Sanders worries you?”

BIDEN: “It’s something that worries me about being able to unify this country. Again, can you imagine if any of my supporters did that, my not condemning them and saying I don’t want their support?”

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