Oregon Senator Ron Wyden Videos Himself Human Trafficking and Tweets it

This is going above and beyond the craziness we're used to seeing, even for the Democrats.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden posted video of himself committing a felony, human trafficking, and posted it on Twitter. Wyden brought a pregnant woman across the border. He claims she had serious medical complications to her and her unborn baby.

Are there hospitals in Mexico? Do the laws not pertain to the Democrats? So many questions that Senator Wyden has no answer to.

Of course he closes with a shot at President Trump.

So what's the solution, Ron? Are we going to provide free healthcare to all of Mexico? That's the only way to address situations like this.

Is Senator Wyden trying to make a splash so he can enter the already crowded race for the Democratic nominee? More complete insanity from the left.

Wyden should be arrested immediately. He was human trafficking. He posted video evidence of it on Twitter. What else is needed to arrest him? Many people have tweeted this to the FBI, but nothing has been done. Nothing probably will be done and the Democrats will continue to live above the laws.