Patricia Arquette: ‘Say No to Mass Extinction, Vote Democrat’

According to across Patricia Arquette, the world is off it's axis, and we are all about to die....oh yeah, and it's all Trump's fault! Time to put down the drink and reign in the crazy a little there, Patty girl.

Arquette went on a Twitter rampage about how we are heading straight for "mass extinction" and the only way we can stop it is to vote for Democrats. That's funny though. I guess she forgot about abortion....which is literally mass extinction of human babies...which is supported and funded by Democrats.

*Shrug*. She's liberal so it doesn't have to make sense. She will preach it anyway.

"Donald Trump has done nothing but expedite Climate Change inducing policies with 4 more years that would only get worse. Say no to mass extinction and the destruction of our planet. Vote Democrat," she tweeted on Wednesday.

She claimed that if Sanders 'somehow' wins the nomination and then miraculously beats President Trump in November, then he will need there to be Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate.

If Sanders wins the nomination AND beats Trump, then he needs to wake up because he was having a dream.

The Toy Story 4 actress continued, "Look at it this way- The strongest likelihood of Senator Sanders passing legislation is to have a Democrat in the White House, a majority Democrat Senate and House. Make it happen."

Then she suddenly shifted course and falsely claimed that women's rights are now in jeopardy as well. What?

"Yoo Hoo. Women’s right to chose is hanging by a thread. DO NOT LET TRUMP WIN. You lose the courts for a generation you will lose many things," she tweeted.

Homegirl is big mad. So mad that she can't even be courteous enough to include truth and facts in her lunatic ravings!

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