Philadelphia Officials Urge People to 'Safely Turn in Firearms' Amid Massive Wave of Crime

For some reason, liberals continue to believe the answer to crime is more gun control. Now Philadelphia officials are asking law-abiding citizens to "safely turn in firearms" as their response to increased shootings.

Donald Trump Jr. saw the tweet asking people to turn in their firearms and asked, "Are people really this dumb?" You can always count on him to point out the stupidity of the left. He didn't let us down here.

"Law-abiding citizens should turn in their guns and have no means to defend themselves while outlaw criminals who have been breaking the law will keep weapons and continue their criminal ways with a leg up," Don Jr. continued.

"This is a special kind of stupid," he finished.

Check out the video and Don Jr's retweet below:

The left wants to defund the police and have law-abiding citizens turn in their guns. Yeah, that way we have literally no defense against the criminals that are sweeping the nation. No thanks!

The right to bear arms is something this country should never relinquish. Especially in times like these.

Every day we get reminded as to why we need to vote red in 2020.

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