Please Clap 2.0: Nancy Pelosi Tells Mayors to Clap For Her Repeatedly

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi channeled her inner Jeb Bush when she went with a "Please Clap 2.0" strategy. Pelosi told mayors to clap for her repeatedly.

Right after she thanked someone from the audience, she said, “That’s an applause line! I’ll let you know.”

Most probably thought she was joking. The only issue was she wasn't. She followed through on her promise.

Pelosi claimed that Democrats support “strong border security initiatives,” she said, “Do you want to— let’s hear it for border security!" She said this while holding her hand up calling for a response.

Just moments after that she actually asked for an applause from the bipartisan group when it comes to having a Democratic majority in the House.

“The American people elected a House majority that would— that’s an applause line! Not for everybody maybe,” the Speaker said.

She wasn't done. She then botched the LGBT acronym. “And we will strengthen our democracy by passing the Equality Act, that is an act to end discrimination against LG— LGTB community.”

Pelosi has had a difficult times in many interviews, most likely showing her age, but this was a really brutal one. It was jam packed with awkward moments and brain freezes.

There were some great responses on Twitter: