Popular Ex-MSNBC Host Wastes No Time Finding New Gig

Mehdi Hasan has moved to The Guardian after leaving MSNBC. He's set to start as a regular columnist, focusing on global issues including a call to end the situation in Gaza.

"I have been poring over columns in the Guardian since I was a teenager. Now I get to write some of my own, in what is perhaps one of the busiest and biggest news years of my lifetime," Hasan said. "It’s a huge honor and a privilege."

The Guardian US's Editor, Betsy Reed, commended Hasan for his commitment to human rights and holding power accountable. She looks forward to his political insights and contributions.

“We’re proud to provide a platform for his incisive political commentary, relentless advocacy for human rights and free speech, and fearless accountability for those in power,” she reportedly said.

“Mehdi is the latest addition to a stellar, expanding roster of opinion writers here at Guardian US, and I look forward to his contributions in the months ahead.”

Hasan left MSNBC following the cancellation of his show. He announced his departure live, reflecting on his time and looking forward to new challenges amidst significant global events.

MSNBC ended "The Mehdi Hasan Show," opting to extend Ayman Mohyeldin's program. Hasan's outspoken views, especially on the Israel-Hamas conflict, have sparked controversy. He has apologized for past remarks that were criticized as offensive.

Of course some of his detractors took to X to let The Atlantic know how they feel about Hasan's work.