President Trump Wins: Mexico Deploys Military to Stop Migration, Bows to Trump as Tariffs Loom

With just a few days left until tariffs are imposed on Mexico unless the flow of illegal immigrants stops, Mexico deploys military to address the issue. As of Friday morning it was unclear whether or not these efforts would satisfy the White House.

According to a report from The Washington Post, Mexico's negotiators with Washington have offered to deploy 6,000 National Guard troops between Guatemala and Mexico. On top of this they have offered to do a major overhaul of their asylum protocols. This would require those looking for asylum to seek permanent refuge in the first country before they are able to flee their home country.

Trump administration officials have told Fox News that while the talks are going much better, there is no deal in place that the administration is ready to accept.

The bank accounts of 26 people were frozen. Mexico's financial intelligence agency claimed the account holders "have presumably participated in migrant smuggling and the organization of illegal migrant caravans."

According to the agency, there had been money transferred from these account to six Mexican border cities and they determined these funds were related to the caravans.

Mexico Deploys Military to Stop Migration

On Thursday Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the Mexican government does not "act against anybody to please any foreign government."

Despite the Mexican president saying this, there is proof otherwise. On Wednesday 200 Mexican military police stopped approximately 1,000 Central American migrants from advancing north on a southern Mexico highway.

It looks like the looming tariffs are going a long way toward stopping the flow of illegal immigrants through the United States southern border in the form of caravans.