Prince Charles Calls for 'Vast Military-Style Campaign' to Reset Economy


During the COP26 summit on Monday, British heir Prince Charles called for a “vast military-style campaign” in order to reset the economy. He urged world governments to  take a "war-like footing" in order to solve the "climate crisis." to combat climate change as he opened the COP26 summit in Glasgow on Monday.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how devastating a global cross-border threat can be, climate change and biodiversity loss are no different. In fact, they pose an even greater existential threat, to the extent that we have to put ourselves on what might be called a war-like footing,” Charles exclaimed.

He added that "time has quite literally run out" and added that it will take the richer nations to assemble “a vast military-style campaign” with “trillions at its disposal” to fight climate change.

Breitbart reports:

He argued that for this vision to work, it cannot be up to countries to create “parallel” solutions, but rather it is necessary to look towards a “global systems-level solution” in order to lead the “radical transforming of our current fossil fuel-based economy to one that is genuinely renewable and sustainable.”

The calls for a globalist solution are nothing new from Prince Charles, who was an early proponent of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda. In 2015 the prince argued that the global economy was in need of a “rewiring” in order to prevent a climate catastrophe.


Last week, Prince Charles claimed there was a “dangerously narrow” window to tackle climate change, and on Sunday the prince claimed that COP26 is the “last chance saloon” for leaders to save the world.

Basically at this point, anything Charles says to do, we should do the exact opposite of.