Prison Sentence Announced for Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years behind bars for the role she played in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandal.

Maxwell was found guilty seven months ago but not sentenced until today. On top of that, she'll be forced to pay a $750k fine and 5 years of supervised release once she's out.

She was found guilty of five of the six counts she faced. One of the convictions was sex trafficking of a minor.

Annie Farmer, one of Maxwell's victims, spoke up during the trial saying, "Maxwell had many opportunities to come clean, but instead continued to make choices that caused more harm. She chose to lie about her behavior, causing additional harm to all of those she victimized."

Maxwell addressed the court and issued an apology to the victim. “Your honor, it is hard for me to address the court after listening to the pain and anguish expressed in the statements made here today. The terrible impact on the lives of so many women is difficult to hear and even more difficult to absorb, both in its scale and in its extent."