Pro-LGBT High School Teacher Arrested for Soliciting Sex With Underage Student

A pro-LGBT high school studies teacher has been arrested and charged in New Jersey after being caught sending "sexually-explicit" images of himself.

The social studies teacher just so happened to help run the school's Gay Straight Alliance. He is an advocate of introducing students to cartoon pornography during class time.

50-year-old Sean DiGiovanna was arrested on October 10 and charged endangering the welfare of a child as well as a count promoting obscene material to a child under 18. This was announced by Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson on Facebook.

Pro-LGBT High School Teacher in New Jersey Arrested

More on the story from Life Site News:

According to the statement, DiGiovanna, a teacher at Watchung Hills Regional High School, sent sexually-explicit images of himself to an underage student. The victim also reported that DiGiovanna sent him text messages soliciting a sexual relationship. Forensic examination of DiGiovanna’s phone revealed the sexually-explicit images and text conversations reported by the victim.

DiGiovanna helped run the Gay Straight Alliance on the high school campus. He received a salary in excess of $86,000. 

DiGiovanna has been an advocate for LGBTQ causes for a number of years. A June 2018 YouTube video shows DiGiovanna addressing the local school board and advocating for the use of “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic” in high school classes.

It's a shame that a man like this was able to help shape the minds of youths in this country. There had to be warning signs before he was caught. It's sad to think about what he got away with before someone had the courage to turn him in.

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Everyone is thankful law enforcement has intervened and kept this sicko away from the students.