Pro-Trump Social Media Platform is Growing Rapidly - Already Over 50,000 Users

A pro-Trump social media platform is challenging Facebook by offering an alternative. has raised $12,000 of their $200,000 goal with their GoFundMe. The site started in November shortly after Addison Riddleberger's Facebook page was censored.

Many people on the right have attacked Facebook for censoring them.

This isn't the only right-leaning site that has gained some traction recently. DonaldDaters and are two sites mostly composed of Trump Supporters and Republicans.  Despite not much promotion, Trump Town has grown very quickly, according to Riddleberger.


“Folks, what you’ve managed to do so far for this movement is incredible,” the GoFundMe page read. “We truly feel like at this point, if we continue to rally at this pace, we will be soon able to make 100% sure that pro-Trump conservatives never lose their voice in the social media world again.”

That's a big angle of Trump Town, making sure those on the right do not lose their voice on social media.

Despite the social network being "pro-Trump," the site still welcomes progressives and when Trump eventually leaves office they will be willing to changing the name of the site.

“We’re really open to almost anything anybody wants,” he said when asked about his process for addressing user preferences in the business.