Report: Carson Refers to Trans Women as 'Big Hairy Men'

According to reports, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson made comments about transgender people while meeting with HUD staffers last week.

The Washington Post reports that Carson referred to trans women as "big hairy men" on Tuesday while visiting HUD's San Francisco office.

He also allegedly commented on how society as a whole has become a joke in the aspect of not being able to tel the difference between men and women. The "three unnamed sources" who reported this claim it was “an attack on transgender women.”

IF he said it, he isn't wrong though. Society think's that men dressing up as women and pretending to have a vagina is acceptable. In reality, it's weird and unnatural. They need help. This isn't the circus.

A senior HUD official told The Post that Carson does not "use derogatory language to refer to transgendered individuals. Any reporting to the contrary is false."

NBC reports:

While running for president in 2016, Carson doubled down on his anti-transgender views, saying trans people don’t “make any sense” and comparing them to those who may wake up one day and decide to change their ethnicity.

Shortly after Carson took the helm at HUD, the department removed links that provided emergency shelters with guidance on how to best serve LGBTQ service recipients.

In May of this year, HUD proposed a rule change that would allow men’s and women’s shelters to segregate transgender people “consistent with state and local law” — an amendment many LGBTQ advocates argued would further marginalize trans people who are especially vulnerable to homelessness.

Men and women should not be housed together like that anyway. That is just asking for disaster. That gives too much opportunity for unwanted situation, such as rape.

Of course now there are politicians and activist attacking the secretary, claiming that Carson is "unfit to serve." Which is ridiculous.

For example, 2020 presidential hopeful Julian Castro tweeted: “As HUD Secretary, I protected trans people. I didn’t denigrate them.”

People need to get their panties out of a bunch!