Reporters Cry That Trump Controls Agenda With Twitter

Mainstream media reporters cry that Trump controls agenda with Twitter. This started when Trump forced the GOP to not weaken an ethics panel. He went to Twitter to criticize the move of weakening an ethics panel.

Reporters Cry

Eric Lipton of the times was the first to started the crybaby fest.

Dave Weigel of the Washington Post chimed in also.

Maggie Haberman of the Tiimes added her two cents.

David S. Joachim of Bloomberg agreed with Eric Lipton.

Brian Stelter or CNN has been complaining for months that Trump controls the agendas. He does admit that the coverage would be the same if Obama was releasing this tweets instead of Trump. He also says that Obama could take notes from Trump. If Obama's press releases were similar to Trump's tweets, then the press would cover the heck out of them. As it stands now the press releases get almost no coverage.

We will see how the media adjusts, because things are going to be very different for them. It is going to be four or eight years of them no longer controlling the left-wing agendas that they are pushing. Either way, it is very obvious that Trump has taken a great deal of power away from the media by using Twitter as he does.

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