RINO Romney Joins Black Lives Matter March to White House

Romney the pandering RINO is getting his hands dirty in Washington D.C.

GOP Senator Mitt Romney has been very vocal about his dislike of President Donald Trump, and has taken every chance possible to smear the president. While we already knew he was a RINO and not to be trusted, he nailed another nail into the coffin this weekend when he marched with racist, Marxist group Black Lives Matter to  “end violence and brutality and to make sure that people understand that black lives matter.”

While black lives do matter, the actual organization of Black Lives Matter is a hateful, racist group funded by liberal billionaire George Soros and should not be supported by anyone!

What makes this even more interesting is that Romney was smeared by Democrats as a racist when he ran against former President Barack Obama in 2012. Now he is marching with them. How ironic.

Via US News (excerpt):

DNC Chair: Romney Welfare Attacks Are Racist

REPUBLICAN attacks on President Obama’s welfare policy are part of a “shockingly transparent” campaign to play the race card in the 2012 presidential campaign, says Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. They are, she says, “a dog whistle for voters who consider race when casting their ballot.”

The Florida lawmaker’s take on the sensitive issue marks the first time a high official in the Obama camp has weighed in on the racial overtones of the welfare attacks.

Wasserman Schultz, a Democratic House member from Florida, was asked about the recent welfare attacks during a breakfast session with U.S. News reporters Thursday morning. She pointed out that welfare reform is an odd issue for a campaign to focus on because not only is it not on voters’ minds, but the Romney campaign’s accusations have been universally discredited by independent fact checkers. And she also referenced Romney’s birther crack last week about no one having ever asked to see his birth certificate. These data points, she argues, are racially coded…


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