Rob Reiner: 'If We Don't Impeach Trump, Putin Succeeds in Ruining America'

Rob Reiner has made it clear that he does not like President Donald Trump, or anyone in the Republican party for that matter. In fact, he often takes to Twitter to vocalize his hatred towards Trump.

On Thursday, Reiner ranted that we must impeach the commander in chief or Putin will have succeeded in destroying the United States. How does this make sense? It doesn't. Then again, the left rarely ever makes sense.

The left-wing filmmaker tweeted, "The case against Donald Trump is beyond a slam dunk. If he is not thrown out of office, Putin will have been successful in destroying our 243 year Democratic Experiment."

Hmmm, not so sure about that one, slappy!

His tweet sounds similar to other things he has said in the when he wrote on Tuesday and said, "Trump & the GOP have become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kremlin. There’s no other explanation for the defense of Trump Bribing Ukraine for personal political gain. Impeach & Remove."

Then on Wednesday he tweeted, "Horrendous day for the most corrupt President in American history. But for Fox News stoking the GOP Cult, Trump would be frog marched out of the White House."

Think that's bad? Last week he said of the president, "It takes a special kind of sociopath to outright lie without flinching. Donald Trump is the master. Devin Nunes is his disciple. Simply, they are monstrous fucking liars."

These are just tweets from the last week or so. The dude is clearly obsessed and wonky! Talk about Trump Derangement Syndrome!