Rob Reiner: 'Racist Trump Encouraging White Supremacists to Kill Blacks'

Radical leftist actor and film director Rob Reiner is once again throwing around the term "racist" while bashing President Donald Trump. This time he claims that the POTUS is a "racist" and is encouraging "white supremacists" to "kill black people."

“Because the President is a Racist, White Supremacists are encouraged to kill Black people,” he tweeted, “Because the President is Incompetent 180,000 Americans are dead.”

Hey Robbie, put down the crackpipe buddy! Join us here in reality.

What even more headshake worthy is that we don't even know who Reiner is referring to as white supremacists since it is a common term for him to use.


As for what President Donald Trump is encouraging, it can be summed up by Trump’s oft-tweeted phrase: “Law and Order.”

On Tuesday, the Kansas City Police Department even revealed that violent crime has decreased by more than 30 percent since Operation LeGend, the federal task force created by the Trump administration to reduce violent crime, that began last month in response to the death of four-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who died from a stray bullet back in June.

Just this week, Rob Reiner claimed that the Republican Party platform for this year’s presidential election is centered around “white supremacy” and letting Americans die from the Chinese coronavirus.

“The GOP has finalized its 2020 platform: Allow Donald Trump to continue to promote White Supremacy, reject Science, cozy up to Dictators, commit Federal Crimes, and let Americans die,” he whined. “Oh, and yes continue to be a fucking Sociopathic Ignoramus.”

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