Rob Reiner: Trump is ‘Defecating on Our Constitution’

Rob Reiner is at it again! The liberal Hollywood director blew up on President Trump on Thursday, stating that he is "defecating on our Constitution." He also called for Trump's impeachment, once again. That comes to no surprise.

Reiner tweeted, “Donald Trump has perverted the office of the Presidency. He is defecating on our Constitution,” Rob Reiner said. “For the love & life of our Country, the time has come to stop fucking around. IMPEACH!”

This is not his first outburst. The Hollywood elitist calls for Trump's impeachment on a regular basis. He doesn't seem to understand that you cannot impeach someone simply because you don't like them. It doesn't work that way.

Just this month, the House Judiciary Committee Democrats opened an inquiry on Trump and his finances, which Reiner rejoiced at.

“The Impeachment process is about to begin. The articles drawn up will be voluminous,” he said, “Never in our nation’s history has there been a more lawless President. He has continually lied to the American people & has used the Presidency to line his pockets. GOP, history is watching.”

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“This can no longer just be about 2020. His criminality must be made clear to the American public. Madame Speaker, pull the trigger,” Reiner added.

Reiner also stated in the past that Trump is "mentally unfit" to be president, and that he is not being held accountable for his actions.

Donald Trump is the single most unqualified human being to ever assume the presidency of the United States. He is mentally unfit. Not only does he not understand how government works, he has no interest in trying to find out how it works,” Reiner whined.