Rod Blagojevich Announces 'I'm a Trumpocrat'

Upon being pardoned by the president, Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich declared himself a "Trumpcrat." The Democrat expressed his gratitude to Trump for commuting his 14-year prison sentence. He was impeached and convicted after allegedly trying to sell Obama's vacant Senate seat in 2009.

“He’s got obviously a big fan in me, if you’re asking me what my party affiliation is, I’m a Trumpocrat,” Blagojevich said at the Denver airport, “I think it’s appropriate to express my deepest, most profound, and everlasting gratitude to President Trump."

“He didn’t have to do this,” he continued. “He’s a Republican president, I was Democratic governor and my fellow Democrats haven’t exactly been very nice to him.”

“I’ll have more to say tomorrow. If you’re flying home with us, be sure to put your seat belts on,” he said on Tuesday, just before flying to his home in Chicago.

“There’s no place like home,” Blagojevich said.

He also announced that grew closer to God while in prison, and that he will use his new freedom to fight the racist criminal justice system.

“It’s a criminal justice system that’s not only broken but it’s also racist and I saw how it affects people of color,” he added, “I just believe that sometimes out of evil, good things can go happen."

Trump stated in August of 2019 that he was “very strongly” considering commuting Blagojevich, because “he’s been in jail for seven years, over a phone call where nothing happens

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