Sarah Silverman has Meltdown Over Trump Border Policy: ‘It’s Purposely Cruel’

Actress-comedian Sarah Silverman had an absolute meltdown over the president’s border enforcement polices. She called for physical violence with language that is NSFW on Twitter.

She tweeted out on Christmas Eve, accusing Trump of being ‘purposely cruel’ when it comes to adults and children being separated at the border when they attempted to cross illegally. Her outburst was a reaction to a photo that appears to show children in a border detention center.

What I think she fails to realize is that many children are brought over by traffickers and rapists as an attempt to appear like a family unit. By separating these children at the border, many of them are actually saved.

“I can’t fucking bear this,” Silverman posted. “How do you look at this and support Trump?? He did THIS to be purposely cruel. This is not how we are supposed to welcome the stranger. My fucking heart. I want to punch.”

Horror author Stephen King tweeted the same photo, demanding Christian Trump supporters pay attention.

“Christian Trump supporters, take note,” he wrote.

Silverman has previously engaged in obscene Twitter rants against President Trump. She called the commander in chief a “smelly penis hole” and a “greedy twat,” telling him to “eat shit.”

Silverman revealed earlier this year that she lost a job on a movie after the producers learned that she had publicly appeared in blackface.

She added that Trump only stays out of jail because he is the president.

Sounds to me like Silverman is scorned and taking her unwarranted anger out where she can. However, her tirade just makes her sounds uneducated and childish. Better luck next time toots.