Satire: Flash Flood Warnings Issued as Liberal Tears Soak the Nation

Babylon Bee has done it again! I was scrolling through social media and saw the headline, "Flash Flood Warnings Issues as Liberal Tears Continue To Soak Nation," and it was seriously too funny not to share.

What makes it even funnier, is that it could almost be mistaken for real news considering the amount of meltdowns from the left leading up to the election!

The Babylon Bee wrote,

U.S.—The National Weather Service has issue has issued widespread flash flood warnings across America as liberal tears continue to pour down unabated, increasing in severity after Karen Handel’s victory over Jon Ossoff in the race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

“We advise all citizens to disconnect electrical appliances, bring outdoor furniture inside, and move all important indoor items to the top floor of your home to avoid flood damage,” a NWS spokesman said. “Also, avoid walking or driving through streams of tears, as their power can be deceiving—just six inches of moving tears can knock you down, and only one foot can sweep a vehicle away.”

“People in especially hard-hit areas should move to higher ground immediately and evacuate the area if necessary,” he added.

The article concluded that Hillary Clinton is pondering running for the White House again, and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is "being groomed for a future in politics."

Pure genius. How do they come up with this gold??

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